Lash Lift – South Yarra, Melbourne

MUST HAVE treatment which I LOVE…..  The Lash Lift!

This treatment is an instant ‘root lift’ for natural lashes, using a silicone mould to lengthen and curl lashes to perfection. A more updated version of lash perming, lash lifting actually lifts the lashes rather than the traditional curling method. This means that the length of your lashes is retained and can actually make them appear longer!

This treatment is perfect for clients that love naturally longer, defined. curled looking lashes.


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Eyebrow Tints are a Must.

Reasons to Tint Your Eyebrows

If you have light brows that are prone to getting even lighter, tinting is an excellent option for you to keep them darker.

Tinting your brows will give the illusion of wearing brow powder without the worry.

Tinting your brows will look like you woke up with makeup.

If you feel you are lacking fullness, tinting your brows will make them appear more full.

Tinting your brows can also help create more definition and makes your face look brighter.